What is There To Love About Teacup Yorkshires
Weighing between four to eight pounds are small breed dogs that belong to a toy group called Yorkshire Terriers. You may have been familiar with a “teacup” sort of a Yorkshire Terrier, however it is if no difference with the version of the breed. Smaller versions of Yorkshire Terrier are teacup Yorkshire Terriers which weigh not more than 4 pounds s adults. Also see teacup puppies for sale
Many people like the smaller version of Yorkshire Terriers because of many reasons. Although it is because of its cuteness why people love it, the fact that it is portable and easy to bring anywhere is also other reasons why people like it. Other teacup owners prefer teacup Yorkshire Terriers because they live in small houses, while for some, they just want a tiny dog.
 Mostly of the breeders of Yorkshire Terrier are responsible,ethical and centered on sustaining the health and temperament of the bloodlines. Teacup breeders are not different with Yorkshire Terrier breeders because they also want to ensure the good health and stability of teacup Yorkshire Terriers. 
You should take research about the breeder when you are handling with the teacup version of any dog breed. Many people put their money to earn profit from unethically breeding small breeds of dogs like this ever since Yorkshire Terrier became popular. You will know a reputable breeder because such breeders give details about the qualities and necessities of the dog as well as the ancestors of it. More teacup parti yorkie 
Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are fully unaware that they are way smaller than their counterparts. They are fearless, adventurous dogs who would love to play at parks, or go for a long walk, and do anything. These pets could also be satisfied with spending the night on their owner’s lap while watching television, taking a joy ride, or being pet by its owner beside the couch. Yorkshire Terriers are very dependent dogs and cannot perform well when left alone for a long period of time. Make sure that before you buy one, you are capable of providing the teacup Yorkie with all the time and effort it needs to have a pleasing environment.
There may be times when Yorkshire Terriers, specifically the teacups, will be uneasy around strangers or other animals. They usually portray this feeling through growling or fear biting. It is important to control this behavior by socializing your pet at its early age. You can prevent your pet from becoming aggressive when it grows older by letting it play with your neighbors and other pets, and by inviting other people to interact with it.